Equipment Used for LifeLogging

As the demand for personal recording devices increases there are many different types of technology being developed or are being modified to allow individuals to start on their way to logging their life.

The best way to approach life logging is to select a point in time during every day that will give you time to record your thoughts.  For the beginner, we are encouraged by the idea of in-car Digital Video Recorders (DVR's).

Primarily designed to be mounted on a car dashboard or windshield, this is a high quality HD video recorder with 2.0 inch LCD screen and night vision function which will enable users to easily capture video of themselves whilst driving.  Recording 720P HD videos, this is hopefully an ideal choice for an in-car DVR.

Lifelogging equipment can be as simple as your mobile phone, taking a picture of yourself everyday, and if you have the time, keeping those photos on your own website, such as the websites we create for people all over the world, a lifelogging website.

The following list will provide you with some further ideas on the equipment that can be used; (please note that new devices are being created at an astonishing rate and you would want to keep up to date with websites such as and

Smart Phones: Such as the Android or iPhone are great, as they have the ability to record images, video and track health and well-being through third party applications.

GPS Tracking Devices: Using GPS tracking devices allows you to record your movements and are particularly beneficial when traveling and recording places where you have taken photos.

Digital Video Recorders: DVR's give you the ability to record high quality video in small compressed formats and easily transferred to your PC for editing.

Remember, lifelogging is about improving your life by recording information and memories, so that they can be accessed at a later date, the more information you have the more you will be able to refer back to.  However lifelogging should not be a difficult or time consuming task, whatever equipment you decide to use, be sure it is portable, easy to operate, and convenient to use.

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