Lifelogging goes mainstream

Lifelogging is getting more common nowadays although it still remains costly, time consuming and of generally poor quality.  For most people lifelogging is a daunting job but as technology progresses and new methods of recording and archiving are commercialized, lifelogging is quickly moving from a science fiction fantasy to a real life experience.  Within ten years it is expected that lifelogging will be cheaper and accessible to people willing to record every moment of their lives. 

We are all currently involved in some level of lifelogging knowingly or unknowingly for example by saving chat logs of all your online conversations, taking pictures and videos of your surrounding or even all your emails which are saved on your email provider.  However, there are some devices which have been designed especially for those who want to voluntarily record their entire lives like the Ucorder. 

Recording our lives is one thing, but browsing through all these archives to look for a specific moment that we would like to go through again is a very daunting experience since we currently do not possess any technology to organize our current recorded material. 

While lifelogging will allow you to get access to those moments that you would like to cherish, it is nevertheless a double edged sword in the sense that you will also have access to moments in your life which perhaps you would like to get over as quickly as possible.  There is also the question of how entire cultures and societies will evolve around the question of letting a video camera creep into someone’s entire life.  There is not only a societal and cultural dimension to the issue but there is also some legal consequences like what will be allowed to be recorded as per the legal requirement.  In the end, the final choice of what you want to record and to what part of your life you want people to have access rests in your hands.

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